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The Ragout Truffle Tuber melanosporum

The Ragout Truffle Tuber melanosporum

The Ragout Truffle Tuber melanosporum

the market
A market for 4 people:
• 160 grams of black truffles,
• 80 g of carrots,
• 80 g onions,
• 80 g morels
• 100 g bacon,
• 12 grams of duck fat,
• 1 liter of red wine and good,
• 4 apple pieces of land,
• salt and pepper.

Truffle Variety: black truffle
Wine suggestion: red came on our stony land, well-built

First, you make a brunoise, diced carrots and your your own business after having peeled and washed. You sort and you wash the mushrooms. You cut into small pieces bacon and thou bleached, just two minutes. And you charged black truffles to the peasant, in pieces like olives.

You make heat a black pot and thou verses 1/4 liter of your wine to reduce it and you do it again 3 times to get a sort of caramelized wine. Then you add the duck fat, bacon and diced. You let cook for 7-8 minutes on low heat.

At this point, you pour into your black truffles sauce: it still takes 5 minutes simmering. Then you complete with morels you did jump into the oil just before.

It’s ready, you check the seasoning with salt and pepper. And you serve this stew on a potato boiled and mashed with a fork. At the time of eating, you give a twist of pepper and you wet a drizzle of olive oil.
It is a joy!