histoire bruno

Bruno des simples zero tonnes hundred and ten of passion, generosity Love is like a mountain. And still it grows. Long ago, was the home of Mariette, the grandmother who taught him the strainer oxtail when others fade on the Pythagorean theorem. Such bluebirds or thrush, Bruno went in search of the world, there usa life and an evening remembered the eggs with black truffles from Aups. He left everything and went back to listen to the whispers of Maruis Tholozan, Angela He knew the mysteries of the wild boar stew of lamb with saffron.

Around him was a secret host of gardeners, hunters, shepherds, pickers simple and fungi, men and women knead their terre.Il dressed wild asparagus, lettuce fields, porcini, crayfish, partridges and entered the kitchen as a monk at the convent. Its furnaces were Mariette and Mariette in heaven: he will never forget and when he pushes the walls around the heart of the old country house, he dedicated his book. Bruno, keeper of culinary traditions, creator racy, composer “Emperor of the Truffle” attracts and seduces. He charms the entire planet a Provencal vegetable garden or a pot, and also by the quality of the campaign made for happiness.