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Moist Chocolate Heart Caramel Truffle Tuber Brumales

Moist Chocolate Heart Caramel Truffle Tuber Brumales

Moist Chocolate Heart Caramel Truffle Tuber Brumales

the market
A market for eight people:
for a cream with black truffles:
• 100 g liquid cream,
• 2 egg yolks,
• 20 g of sugar,
• 4 grams of grated black truffle.

for the cake:
• 140 g of chocolate to 64%, preferably
Valrhona Guanaja’s (that you find
fine pastry or grocery store)
• 2 egg yolks,
• 5 egg whites,
• 65 g of sugar,
• 25 g of flour,
• 30g butter.

and for making a caramel truffles:
• 100 g of sugar,
• grated truffle.

Truffle Variety: black truffle
Wine suggestion: a special vintage Maury

First, you prepare the cream with black truffles. It’s like a custard but instead of milk, you put your cream. Over low heat, you toasting your cream and, stirring with a spatula, you pour your sugar. You pull your pan and you slip your yolks eggs off the heat. Should be thoroughly mixed for your preparation thickens because this cream should coat your cake ensure that it never boils, the egg must not coagulate but tenderly cooked, its taste will be preserved. In the end, you put your black truffle grated for its fragrance, and you reserve under a cover, not without having paid your preparation in a cold container, otherwise it will continue to cook!

After that, you do melt your butter for the cake and chocolate in a double boiler. So, out of the fire, you let cool slightly and you add your egg yolks and your flour.

Now you have to mount your whites. Listen to me: your white should not be cold nor be an egg the same day, it must not only is there the slightest trace of yellow and a small pinch of salt will help to mount them. Listen to me again! The container you use, pass it under cold water without wiping the egg whites are transvaseront better and do not forget, you have to use you right away as soon as they are ready, the white did not expect!

In the moment, you incorporated to your chocolate sugar and egg whites, but twice: first third to soften your device, the then remains on the surface and you turn vertically below the chocolate passes par- top up good mix.

Besides, you butters 8 molds (those of 7.5 cm diameter and 4 cm high). You will have 1 cm of your chocolate device, you sink a dollop of cream with black truffles in the center and you go with the chocolate. You put baking 7 minutes at 210 ° C in the oven.

Meanwhile, you make your caramel with sugar and you stir: when it starts blondir you deglazed with a glass of water background while continuing to stir and you paste on your grated truffle.

There! In the middle of a plate, you stripped a cake, you circled the caramel and you throw around 3 to 4 chocolate shavings.
You serve hot. It’s good for your appetite