December the 24th 2019 dinner

To start in an Italian atmosphere

Home made foie gras, just toasted milk bread
with some Venitian salad

Always in Italy, but this time, in Piemont

Faustine, my aunt, used to make “cappelletti al brodo”
Enaough said… We thought it would be better to add some truffles in them!!!!

What do you think of that?

We thought to only make you tacte the new olive oil from the mill
But, to thank you to be here with us, we also cooked a truffle under the ash

To remind us of our friend Bernard LOISEAU

“L’envolée des saveurs” in which a taste of Breton lobster floats

It might have been white pudding

But, it’s much better, Tradition is respected, and truffle is prevalent in it

Just a little rest

Citron granita

And, why not , to continue

This back of venison ” à la royale” with it’s truffled….

I met a man with a beret

Who, of course, advised me the truffled Camembert

And as dessert

I gave some guide lines to my pastrycooks

175€ Drinks included