Unistellar telescope


Unistellar telescope

We are pleased to offer in partnership with Unistellar’s eVscope a unique experience within our establishment.

“With the eVscope, observe galaxies, nebulae and constellations in detail, in color and in less than a minute!

Thanks to the iOS/Android app on your smartphone or tablet, choose from 5,000 celestial objects and share your photos in one click.

Created by the French company Unistellar, the eVscope is a smart telescope unique in the world, compact and ultra-simple to use, allowing both beginners and professional astronomers to observe the treasures of the cosmos without the need for installation, even in an environment of light pollution.

When you arrive in your room, we will be happy to explain to you how it works.

If you wish to book your experience please contact 0494859393


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Beginning of the experiment at the beginning of June